Visiting Scholars

The IRMACS Centre welcomes visitors on many levels, ranging from long-term sabbatical visits, through extended research collaborations, to short-term research visits. All visitors to IRMACS share the same benefits as IRMACS members, including access to the IRMACS labs, technical infrastructure, meeting rooms, and technical support. If you are interested in visiting the IRMACS Centre, please refer to the Visiting IRMACS page or contact the IRMACS Centre directly.

The list below presents the researchers who visited IRMACS in the past 18 months.

Researcher Name Department Affiliation Country Visit Date
David Beaudoin Statistics & Actuarial Science University of Laval Canada Sep, 2015
Julien Courtiel Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) UBC University of British Columbia Canada Sep, 2015
Kyle Vincent Department of Statistics Bank of Canada, Ottawa Canada Aug, 2015
Emma (Jingfei) Zhang School of Business Administration University of Miami United States of America Jul, 2015
Talma Kushnire Health Sciences Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Israel Jun, 2015
Hung-Hsi Hung Department of Banking and Finance National Chiayi University China May, 2015
Sebastian Dominguez Engineering Mathematics University of Concepcion Chile Apr, 2015
Jesus Martin-Vaquero Department of Mathematics University of Salamanca Mexico Mar, 2015
Jan Hubicka Department of Mathematics and Statistics University of Calgary Canada Mar, 2015
Yangjing Long Department of Mathematics Max Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics Germany Mar, 2015
Shih-Kuei Lin Department of Money and Banking National Chengchi University Taiwan Mar, 2015
Hagit Peres Sociology and Anthropology Ashkelon Academic College Israel Feb, 2015
Manuel Kauers Department of Mathematics Johannes Kepler University Austria Jan, 2015
Rollin Brant Department of Statistics University of British Columbia Canada Jan, 2015
Keelin Greenlaw Department of Mathematics and Statistics University of Victoria Canada Nov, 2014
Farouk Nathoo Department of Mathematics and Statistics University of Victoria Canada Nov, 2014
Brian Hochheimer The EMMES Corporation University of Maryland United States Sep, 2014